Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no more wisdom

i had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. and i remember almost everything from the point when i woke up from the surgery. i thought i'd be pretty loopy but i felt extremely alert. i remember the nurse in the recovery room asking me how i feel and i told her "that was fun." it really wasn't all that fun. now i have swollen cheeks and empty holes in my mouth. but i have some good pain medicine!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

fun days

i just got home from six flags over georgia with three of my friends (and my mommy :))and it was amazing! not nearly as amazing as last time though... there was no phone catching on goliath. :( it was still extremely fun. i waited in line for a really long time this time. i think it was the longest i've ever waited in a line for an amusement park ride before (two hours). i definitely suggest getting a flash pass if you ever plan on going on a saturday. or just go on a weekday. and it wasn't just that ride. the one i rode before that had an hour and a half wait. we wanted to ride the superman ride but it had a two and a half hour wait! we were sad. but we got over it. oh and yesterday we left in the morning so we could get down to atlanta relatively early and go shopping. we went to lenox square. it was really nice! they had some stores there that i had never even heard of. i liked it a lot though. we all got something and we let that represent our souvenir for the trip. overall it was a really fun trip! (except for a little bit of teenage girl drama).


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


so i am pretty upset with the way things are going right now. this past week i went skiing with one of my friends and her family (that was extremely fun, not the upsetting part). while we were there, i tried to log on to check my facebook. nope. apparently my username and password did not match. i double checked and everything was typed right. so i sent a reset password thing to my email. i went to log on my email and guess what... incorrect username/password combination. boo!!!! i was like, what the heck is going on!? it made me extremely frustrated. so i had to reset my email password. well when i did that, i found that all my emails were deleted! you have no idea how frustrating this has made me (unless it's happened to you). i finally, after several attempts, got on my facebook and had to reactivate it. someone had tried to delete it. i got on and all that was different was my default picture. it was a weird picture too. it was of me but i don't remember it.

after all of that, i got on my aol email (which i use for college stuff) and had an email to set up my tennessee email account so i could get information on my housing contract. so i get on and it's a pretty complicated process. but i finally get it set up and i find out that my housing assignment isn't even one of my top three choices! i really thought that i would get one of them considering how early i applied and that i don't have any roommate preferences. i plan to send in a change request as soon as possible. i doubt anything will change and if it doesn't by august, i just won't worry about it. too much of a hassle. and the location is much more convenient than my other choices. just trying to see the bright side of things.

later gators,

Sunday, February 22, 2009


warmth in winter: good, stayed so busy that i barely got anything out of the weekend. i don't remember much about it...
bff might not have LUPUS: my best friend that i've had forever was diagnosed with lupus in third grade and she got a call from the doctor that she her test results were negative. but the thing is that she has to have two negative tests to officially not have it. so please pray for her next test to be negative.
mom crash: mom got in a pretty bad car wreck about two or three weeks ago. her car was totaled. she had a mild concussion and whiplash but that was it.
youth council not doing too well: we had our second official new youth council meeting this past week and i felt the need to argue with everything. i'm kind of upset that our youth group isn't hosting a chili cook-off this year. instead we're doing some other lame fundraiser that takes an extremely long time and is really boring. he (our youth pastor) wants to change the name of our youth group. it is currently "the way" which i think is an awesome name. i don't know what flaws he sees in it but whatever. he probably doesn't know the history of it.
youth 2011 dream weekend: a very... long weekend. i didn't feel like we accomplished much but everyone was saying we did. so okay.
school: is school.
i'm watching the academy awards and slumdog millionaire is getting a lot of awards. i haven't seen it or even heard that much about it but i'm guessing it was really good. now i really want to watch it. it has definitely dominated like the past 30 minutes of the awards.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

senior year is kickin up!

so the second semester of senior year is most definitely the best. i still haven't gone to school for a full 5 day week yet this semester. this week at school is spirit week, so no dress code. in addition to that, monday i get to go eat lunch at o'charley's because i helped count money for one of our fundraisers. wednesday is a registration committee meeting for warmth in winter, and as i said previously, i love warmth in winter meetings. then friday is warmth in winter! so another four-day week... and warmth in winter!! then of course the superbowl. my guess is that the steelers will win. the week after next should be just as awesome. wednesday night a bunch (like a butt-load) of people, seniors to be exact, are going to go downtown and play laser-tag because we don't have school thursday. since we don't have school thursday, a bunch of us figured, what's the point in going to school on that friday? hmmm, you figure it out. i'll give you a hint: we (another butt-load of seniors) are going to eat at cracker barrel (yum), and it will be a three-day week. so pretty much it's all together a super fun semester. as long as i keep my grades up.


youth retreat

today i got back from a youth council retreat at penuel ridge in ashland city. i was the only one that had actually been there before. we went for a spiritual retreat my freshman or sophomore year and i really liked it. it was kind of awesome being the only one, including the adults, that knew where stuff was and what kind a facility it was. anyways, we got a lot of stuff out about our youth group and came up with a lot of cool ideas. i'm really glad that we had this weekend to specifically focus on the beginning stages of our youth council. a simple sunday afternoon meeting wouldn't have been as satisfactory.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

yay for winter time!

i really enjoy going to warmth in winter meetings. maybe a little too much. how awesome is it that i have a meeting two days in a row!? it's basically pretty exciting.

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