Thursday, March 23, 2006

first post

oooo yeah, first post. so i just got this so i could leave a comment to someone but i think im going to keep it. im leaving tomorrow to go on a family retreat and i'm really looking foward to it. i have a myspace:

go check it out. i cant really figure out how to get a picture on here yet but one is soon to come.


gavin richardson said...

ah, one of my favorite people in all the land! i'm glad that you had my positive influence before you began being subjected to jonathon's corruption. there is still hope for you. &:~D

Johnathan "J2" said...

I am really glad that you started to blog too. I was the first of my youth and now you are the first in yours, it really is a lot of fun and i hope you write often. I will check back soon.

emily said...

thanks jonathan and, oh yeah

thanks for stealing our Y-guy!

you too gavin..