Sunday, February 22, 2009


warmth in winter: good, stayed so busy that i barely got anything out of the weekend. i don't remember much about it...
bff might not have LUPUS: my best friend that i've had forever was diagnosed with lupus in third grade and she got a call from the doctor that she her test results were negative. but the thing is that she has to have two negative tests to officially not have it. so please pray for her next test to be negative.
mom crash: mom got in a pretty bad car wreck about two or three weeks ago. her car was totaled. she had a mild concussion and whiplash but that was it.
youth council not doing too well: we had our second official new youth council meeting this past week and i felt the need to argue with everything. i'm kind of upset that our youth group isn't hosting a chili cook-off this year. instead we're doing some other lame fundraiser that takes an extremely long time and is really boring. he (our youth pastor) wants to change the name of our youth group. it is currently "the way" which i think is an awesome name. i don't know what flaws he sees in it but whatever. he probably doesn't know the history of it.
youth 2011 dream weekend: a very... long weekend. i didn't feel like we accomplished much but everyone was saying we did. so okay.
school: is school.
i'm watching the academy awards and slumdog millionaire is getting a lot of awards. i haven't seen it or even heard that much about it but i'm guessing it was really good. now i really want to watch it. it has definitely dominated like the past 30 minutes of the awards.