Wednesday, March 29, 2006

whoa, where are the couches?

so today i walked in the lobby like i do every wednesday to say hello to our "Y-guy" and i noticed he wasn't there!

yeah, he was gone. so then i went to the person i would go to in any situation like this-jonathon. he was very informative and he said it was the youth of hendersonville first UMC. they had taken our Yguy. that wasnt all they did. they also decided to do a little rearanging in our youth room.

as soon as i walked in our youth room, i noticed something was different but i wasnt quite sure what it was. then i noticed that there were no couches! did hendersonville take them, too? oh good, no they didn't. they just decided that they would take them all and put them down the hall. not a bad place for them, i must say but they were most deffinatly better where they were. i started looking around for a note when i found one on the table where you first walk in. in return for our Y guy they wanted 6 boys of our youth group to dress up like girls and come retreve our Yguy from the evil people of hendersonville....

yeah right!
all i have to say to the people of hendersonville first UMC is: watch your backs...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

first post

oooo yeah, first post. so i just got this so i could leave a comment to someone but i think im going to keep it. im leaving tomorrow to go on a family retreat and i'm really looking foward to it. i have a myspace:

go check it out. i cant really figure out how to get a picture on here yet but one is soon to come.