Sunday, March 30, 2008

i must be lame

it seems like whenever i try to make new friends, they don't want to be friends with me. :( like, i'll try to talk to them and stuff after i've met them and they don't want to respond. or if i see them again, they just ignore me. it's so sad. i feel pathetic. nobody knows how to be nice anymore. or if it seems like i became friends with them, the next time i see them they seem careless. then i'm all like, i thought we were friends! and it's not like it's just them. i'll see them talking to and hanging out with some of my friends that they just met. am i not "cool" enough for you? they're the one's that are lame. i'd say i'm a pretty good friend.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

game over

i have to go back to school tomorrow. :( oh and i got the schedule for next year... listen to this, we go back august first to get our schedules and get a feel of our classes-2 hours. pretty normal. then we go back ten days later on the 11th for the first official day of school. crazy. i think we start so late this year because we are going to be at the new school. i'm pretty excited but it's a lot of memories that i'm leaving behind at the old building. i have to leave my mark. i've already written in two or three of the lockers. i'll be sad if they get new ones. they are turning the old high school into a middle school. i want all the middle-schoolers to look in the locker and be like, hey, that emily girl is pretty cool for writing in a locker with a lime green marker. haha. back to the schedule. we get out officially june 6th-report card day. we're out the fifth and have finals the two days before. i'm not sure when graduation will be next year because of the wacky schedules but i'm pretty sure it's kind of an important thing to figure out considering i'll be graduating next year! i can't believe it's so close. well i guess i better get going on getting things ready for tomorrow.

oh and happy easter!!!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

good friday

today and yesterday were two of the most important days for christians. i had intended to go to our church's maundy thursday service... but i forgot. i don't know how i forgot because i had been thinking about it all day and i just forgot. :( i was really sad when i remembered. then today i didn't go to a service. our church didn't have a good friday service this year. i don't know why. it seems like today is kind of a big deal. i mean, this is the day that we remember as the day Jesus died for all of our sins. it upsets me that our church didn't have a service. it's not like we completely didn't do anything though. our church sanctuary was open all day for people to come and pray. although i don't understand why our sanctuary has locked doors in the first place.
something to think about: it always rains on easter.


almost gone

spring break 08 is almost over. and i did mostly nothing. i didn't go anywhere that exciting and i pretty much just stayed at home. i mean it's not like i was a complete couch potato the whole two weeks but i definitely didn't do anything a few of the days. it makes me sad that i didn't even think about going anywhere but it seems like when i thought of going somewhere i just imagined it being super crowded because it was everyone's spring break.


spring break=college tours

everyone knows spring break junior year means time to start looking at colleges. last week i visited the university of tennessee-knoxville and vanderbilt. i like different things about both schools. ut has so many advantages of being a student. like the really nice gym free to any student. i also like the laid back feeling and that freshmen can have cars on campus. vanderbilt was so much different from ut. they had nicer dorms first of all. freshmen aren't allowed to have cars there though. and the overall vibe was... more spick-and-span than that of ut. i really like that it's in nashville though. i like nashville better than knoxville and it's close to home. and there's more national diversity at vandy so lot's of different kinds of people to meet. both campuses were pretty. i think i'll keep looking and i hope i can find somewhere that is in between those two.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

we already all know about this

i don't even know what to say about the whole programming positions thing. i've tried to hold off posting anything until i felt i had enough facts about the situation. i have thought about it a lot and i've thought about what i want to say to the bishop about it but nothing has actually come out in writing yet. sometimes i have (don't make fun of me) conversations with people in my head and i have had some imaginary conversations with the bishop about how much beth morris has positively influenced my relationship with God through what she does. it doesn't feel real. when my mom told me, i just froze. i didn't have anything to say. it seems so far fetched that i almost couldn't wrap my mind around it. i know for sure it is all i have thought about since monday. i'm really happy that someone set up a petition to reinstate the posistions so quickly. i keep thinking if the people who made the decision to eliminate the positions knew what they were getting themselves in to. like if they had any idea how much the youth of the conference were going to find out and how much we were going to do about it. i wonder if they even knew if the youth were going to find out this quickly. we have multiple emails floating around, facebook messages, facebook groups, myspace bulletins, text messages, and probably several other ways of getting word about it and the petition out. then there's also the many many letters, emails, and phone calls the bishop has been getting. i know of an entire youth group that did nothing for youth tonight but write letters to him about it. i have heard of youth also emailing him and calling him and not holding back on how they feel about this. with as big as our conference youth group is, i don't think these "vision changes" are going to be permanent.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i have noticed that a lot of the profile pictures on blogs i read are somewhat elusive. (well minus eric. but it's still a cartoon of him.)

some i have used:


Saturday, March 08, 2008

college time

our [two week!] spring break started today so it's a perfect time to start visiting colleges. this week i'm going to tour university of tennessee-knox and vanderbilt. it was hard to find an open time for ut. they only had one day and one time open for the entire month of march. i didn't realize how far in advance you have to schedule these things. vandy was a little easier. the second week of my spring break was full for them but this week held a few more options. so i have two tours two days in a row. :/ it's kind of exciting i guess. i think i'm the first of my friends to actually go and look at colleges. my best friend already knows she isn't going to school in tennessee. she wants to go to this little school in florida. i hope she doesn't because that's so far away. :( she's also looking at another small one but it's just in georgia. my other friends haven't even mentioned college.

oh man i'm so tired. even though it's only ten it's actually like it's 11 o'clock. daylights savings time tonight! don't forget. i bet a lot of people are late to church in the morning. haha



it snowed last night.... a lot (a lot for tennessee anyway). every thing i had planned got cancelled. a coffeehouse last night, act prep and a b-day party this morning, and an event i was going to do tonight with a club at school - all cancelled. i was suprised the thing for tonight got cancelled. it seems that cocidering the weather in the past, they'd have known the snow would melt by then. and what's sad is that they didn't call to tell me so i drove all the way to the school and back for no reason. :( i'm actually glad it was cancelled because i really didn't want to go. we were serving dinner to another club that sponsers us. it sounded extremely boring. but the other stuff sounded fun. so sad.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

procrastinating yet again

blogging is a great was to procrastinate. i have 3 papers due tomorrow in creative writing. it isn't that i don't want to write them... because i already did. i just have to type them now. that's not really my favorite class. i'm not that great of a writer and that's pretty much what we do in there all the time. the assignment this time was that we had three papers and one had to be poem. the first one had to be serious and have "some suicides are never recorded" incorporated in it somehow. the second one was a humorous one and was 8 good reasons to lie to a guy. the last one was just a free write which we do way too many of. what's hard for me in writing is description and taking something i've put in and expanding off it. doesn't sound that tough but when you're writing for a class you don't care about, you tend to not care about the writing. well i guess it's typing time now.


Monday, March 03, 2008


crazy tennessee weather? most definitely!
wednesday-all counties out for snow
saturday-day at the park
sunday-you'd be crazy if you didn't go outside in the 75 degree weather.
today-windy but in the low 70's
and now it's storming.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

it's time to come back

sorry i haven't blogged in weeks. and i don't really have an excuse. we have had a few days off from school and some days i have just sat at home and done nothing. but school work has definitely kept me really busy. this semester's workload is a lot different than last semester. i have pre-cal now and we have work in there almost every night. then i have two writing classes that keep me busy.
i watched the lunar eclipse last week. it was cool i guess.
yesterday i went to my friend's birthday party at centennial park. she turned 18! that was fun.
my dog is sick. :( not dying sick but it's pretty gross.

i absolutely loved the weather today! i hate wearing jackets so today was amazing. i played a little volleyball, drew in my street with sidewalk chalk, played frisbee, and i was going to fly a kite but i couldn't find it. :/
so yeah... amazing.

movie review: superbad
i did not like it. i thought it would be really funny but now i just think it was just really built up. it might have been one of those movies that you just have to watch with the right people.
i have a list of movies i want to see:
horton hears a who
the love guru
drillbit taylor
the other boleyn girl
juno (still haven't seen)

yeah. it's a lot. but they all look so good! it's hard for me to find a movie i don't like. i usually like most movies if they aren't action. i'm not really an action movie fan. or a sci-fi.

spring pictures are tomorrow. so goodnight