Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

i celebrated by handing out candy to the little kids that stopped by.

randomness: i won 5 dollars today for selling magazines for my school. it was a life changing moment (not).

and that was my super-exciting day.
(obviously i'm in a sarcastic mood.)


Monday, October 29, 2007

class of '09

i ordered my class ring today. my mom didn't think it was worth the money so i offered to pay for half of it. i'm really excited about getting it.

here's a picture of it. the top isn't really what it looks like in the image.
/Users/emilymastin/Desktop/Jostens Share My Ring Designer.webarchive

last night was our first sunday night without jonathon and i have to say it went pretty well. other than having such a small number of people, i think we will be having good nights at youth. we started out playing a 90's trivia game girls v.s. boys and the girls dominated! we knew the answer to every question including the ones the boys had. then we related that to how jonathon left in some broad way. we wrote letters to him that these two young adult helpers are putting in a scrapbook. it was good and i wish more people had been there.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

my old volleyball coach got arrested

my former volleyball coach and teacher at my school was arrested a couple of days ago for statutory rape. she taught at mt. juliet two years ago and was only there for that one year. i don't know what she did last year but this year was her first year at gallatin high school. what's sad is that this wasn't much of a suprise to some of the people that knew her from mt. juliet... including me. here's a piece of the article from the story news channel four had:

"A Gallatin High School teacher was charged with statutory rape after being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old male student at her home in Nashville...

Nashville police charged social studies teacher Holly Hatcher, 25, with six counts after she admitted having sex with the teenager on six occasions in the last two months. She was arrested on Thursday.
Police affadavits said the teenager drove to her home for the encounters and that it was consensual sex. One time the student told his parents he was at work, the affidavit said. Another time the two went to the Nashville Zoo before returning to her home...

Hatcher has been released on a $6,000 bond in Davidson County and a $15,000 bond in Sumner County, and has resigned from the school, where she also coached volleyball and softball..."

Friday, October 26, 2007

2am, what?!

this week my school, mt. juliet high, was news channel 4's "cool school" of the week. we were on the morning news and had live feeds so everyone that wanted to participate had to be there by 4a.m.! it takes me 15 minutes to get to school and we had to be there early so i had to get up at 2:15!! i still can't believe i got up in the middle of the night to go to school. we were there from 4-7 having live feeds every 25 minutes or so. sometimes they just recorded so it was about every 10 minutes they made us act hyper and excited (not that we aren't already...). everybody that showed up went to the gym then it was like a massive pep-rally. we played really good music (soulja boy, cha-cha slide, old-school stuff, etc...) and they recorded the 1100 people that were there dancing on the gym floor. almost the entire school was there. i think they said we had 600 people from our student body that weren't there! also if we went we got to leave at 11:00. the only bad thing was that it was so early and nobody had eaten breakfast so there were 4 people that passed out including our mascot. they had to take her to the hospital. i felt so bad for her because she was supposed to sing live with our school's vocal ensemble. = (

here's a video of some things they recorded wednesday. the two teachers they show are teachers i have right now. one for trig. and one for chem. 2. there was some more footage they showed this morning that i was in but it didn't make it on the internet.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

exercise during class?

so a motion was just passed that all the students in wilson county schools will have to have 5 minutes of exercise in each class everyday. don't get me wrong but isn't this what p.e. is for? they say they're doing this because too many americans are overweight and by doing this we will have at least 90 minutes of exercise each week. i heard one teacher is making his class run around the school (and our school is pretty big). why take up class time trying to get us to learn exercising habbits when they could force us to take gym or join a team. the majority of the people in our school are on a team already and some sports require the team to have gym as a class along with daily practice. one of my teachers says she isn't going to do it because we need that class time to get started. another one of my teachers says we are going to do yoga (she teaches trig). we were trying to convince her that our exercise should be dancing. but seriously, is it really necessary for us to stand up during class so we all do jumping jacks or whatever just so we won't be overweight? i don't really think this is going to work. last year everyday we were "required" to write a reflection in each class on what we learned... nobody did that. we start exercising on monday so we'll see how it goes...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it's been a good two years

well it's has been almost two years. jonathon will no longer be the youth pastor at hermitage umc. actually he isn't even going to be a youth pastor. he is going to be like a counsellor for troubled teens. well that's how i understood it. i had a little trouble paying attnetion. i know that what he is doing is the right choice and i think hermitage is ready to get another youth pastor. he will be missed by a lot of the people in our church but hopfully we all understand that what he is doing is good. i know that i will miss him a lot!! i sound like i'm talking about him as if he died... haha. well i know i will still see him but i'm still going to miss having him around like all the time. but God has new plans for him.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

post # 101

my last post was post number 100 for me!

today my mom and i went hiking at the stone door. it was really crowded so we figured there must be a church at beersheba. we were right. we ran into some people from west end united methodist and had like a five minute conversation with them. i love going hiking and today was such a great day to do it. the weather was perfect. it was the kind of weather where no matter what you wear you're comfortable. i love days like today. = )


i have more pictures from the trip at

Friday, October 12, 2007

attack of the squirrel

i was eating lunch today at satco and i was there with toria and two other people. squirrels are fairly popular and social i might add at satco. they do not fear people at all. one squirrel wandered over to where i was sitting and toria reached out wanting to touch it. i do not know why. then the squirrel jumped up on toria and all four of us screamed. the we laughed and everyone around us just stared at us. it was reallllly funny. it might have been one of those things where you had to be there but it was so funny!

by the way i love the way the weather is right now...


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the tennesseean must like us

today as i was working the pumpkin patch at my church a guy stopped by who said he was from the tennesseean. he said he had been looking for a good halloween story and as he was driving by he saw our pumpkins and got a story idea. so we talked to him for about 15 or 20 minutes about how we use the money we raise and the kind of people that stop by. he took our picture in front of one of our little scenes and got all of our names to put in the paper. jonathon and abby lemons were quoted and he told us the story will run on halloween!


i'm mad

so i was going to go to fields of faith tonight after i got out of disciple at 8:30. the invitation said it wouldn't be over until midnight. as it turns out, it ended at 8:30. so i didn't get to go and i'm sure a lot of people show up after 8:30 expecting it to still be going on but i guess they will soon find out that it is over. = (


Monday, October 08, 2007

random, pointless thought

could you make cookie dough cookies? i mean like the same way you would make m&m or chocolate chip?


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

it's pumpkin time!

the pumpkins are here and i am getting ready to go out there in a few hours and unload them! we went to wal-mart today and got stuff to decorate the area with. it is imposible to go to wal-mart and not play with all the stuff. we were first in the kid's area and we found a jesus doll that spoke bible verses! it was... interesting. then we went down the halloween isle and i saw a pirate hat. well in a few weeks our school has homecoming and one of our days is pirate day. so i bought the hat and an eye patch. i found it amusing.