Sunday, April 30, 2006

falling apart while being extra hyper.

so i'm almost sure that i have been extra random/hyper today. when i got to church around 230 i was just regular me but then i started getting random and shouting random things. it wasnt random to me but i'm sure to the people listing to me i was being pretty random. then when youth started, i was like a maniac with a frisbee. i think i almost whacked off jonathon's head with the frisbee. (not really or that would have been bad. the frisbee just almost hit him a few times.) then came the water fight. it was jonathon and michael. i think i will honestly say that i started it. i just really wanted to have a water fight. all i did was splash water on them but then they teamed up with brent and some ice ended up in my pockets and down my shirt. let me just say the out come was not good. it ended up with me wet and ice and water all over the floor. ok i wasnt that wet but we had fun.

i think i might be falling apart-- literally. i just got a manicure yesterday and already half my nails have chipped. i have this really cool braclet that i got for Christmas and 2 of the charms on it are broken. my watch that i got for Christmas has a slash in the band where it's rubbed against the hook and it's fixing to break in half. maybe i'm just rough with my stuff or maybe i just like to complain.


Friday, April 21, 2006

no time around

so i'm not going to be around for a few days. i'm going camping and i'm not going to be back until sunday. it will be mucho fun. (haha--shortest blog)
= )

Friday, April 14, 2006

HUMC seeks revenge

so today we (some youth of HUMC) went to hendersonville first UMC and did a little wraping.

it started with just a little furniture and a Y-guy but then somehow, all the furniture got involved, a ping-pong table and about 5 poles. it was alllll wrapped together with plastic wrap. lucky for us, gavin's office was unlocked and our Y-guy just happened to be hanging out in there. so of course we took him back. we tried to be "non-violent" so we didn't take their y-guy. right when we got there, jonathon was suppost to call me when thier youth room was clear of gavin. well we waited for about 10 or 20 minutes for that call while hiding out. when we thought we just missed the call we decided to just go up there. well, gavin was still in his office but thankfully, i heard gavin in his office before we started doing anything so we just went back outside. then we waited some more and finally got that call. we went in there and did what we went to do. we got in, got out, and did a little to gavin's car. (nothing to damage it) it's almost like we had perfect timing. when we were wainting at the red light to turn out on the main road, who else would be sitting there but jonathan! not our jonathon, but jonathan from the HFUMC youth. he looked out the window and saw us and we showed him that we got our Y-guy back and then we told him to check out his youth room. he then picked up his phone and looked like he was calling gavin. it was the perfect end.

now i think we might be signing a peace treaty to get all this to stop. who knows what's next! = )

Saturday, April 08, 2006

friday night.

so yesterday night was really bad for almost all the people in middle tennessee... not for us. i was in hermitage during most of the storming last night and it barely rained. it's really weird to think about how close the storm was and how if had noved only 2 miles south or 2 miles north it would have hit us instead of h'ville or lakewood. around 6 o'clock we left and headed out on our retreat. it was at penuel ridge retreat center in ashland city. it seems like the whole night all it did was a little bit of rain and even less lightning. we were suppost to go with the hendersonville first UMC people but all of them decided not to go.

the retreat was really great. it was a great time to just think and be by myself even though i was there with 8 other people. the weather never got really bad so i could walk on the hiking trails. i really liked being able to not have a planed time and just do whatever. i also liked hanging out with the other people from our church. it was a good time for silence and thinking time. i think everyone should do something like it at least once a year. yeah, it was that great.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,....

just thoght i'd let everyone know that tomorrow at 1:02 and 3 seconds, it will be 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06. the time will be 102:3, and the date will be 04/05/06. i thoght it was cool.

so i'm really looking foward to this weekend. i have many things going on. well actually only two but it does seem like more. the youth spirituality retreat is this weekend and then that night is one of my good friends 15th birthday party.

i went to the new target in mt. juliet the other day and it is AMAZING! they have a starbucks in the target. they also have a pizza hut but i found that kinda off. they have soo much stuff and it's like the greatest thing ever. well not ever but at least in the past week. the belk was open when we went to target so we went over there to look. i found this really neat skirt that i almost got but my mom was like "its either this or a new pair of jeans"... i chose the jeans. i haven't got them yet but they are soon to come.

this past friday was so much fun. a group from church was going to go see a play at the MTSU campus on friday. we were running a little late because someone got to the church late and we couldnt leave without them. so we were in a hurry and i guess just a little too much of a hurry because we ended up missing the exit by like 30 minutes and we ended up some where in williamson county waayyy past the exit. we were all like "well, we're not gonna make it. what do you want to do?" becca suggested bowling but she was like the only one that wanted to do it. then some one said chuck E. cheese and we were all like yeah. we went to cool springs and we went to chuck E. cheese. it was the most random night but it was so much fun. (by the way, during all of this, we were in the county with the tordano warnings and driving through all the horrible weather.m yeah, that part was bad.)

thats pretty much it.