Friday, February 15, 2008

we are...

out of school for yet another day. if we had been out yesterday, that would have been a 6 day weekend! but we weren't. probably for the best. today we were out for "sickness". sure a lot of people were were sick but what really happened was people skipped. i heard a lot of people say to other people to skip thursday so we'd get out for sickness. people were texting about it and by word of mouth. so i guess it worked.
aren't we scheming.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

i didn't have anyone to share it with this year but that's okay. i'm content. happy v-day yo!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

snow day!

woot woot!
(even though there isn't really that much snow. haha. gotta love tennessee!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

warmth in winter

i just got back a few hours ago from warmth in winter and let me just say it was ammmmaaaazinnngggg! this was my fifth year going and i think it was my favorite. our speaker, bob stromberg, was great and a really strong speaker. i met some new people and got closer to friends i already knew. i got to stay in the hotel this year which rocked. i really really really liked everything about warmth in winter this year. the entire time i was having fun. this year we had mini and lifesize cut-outs of beth and gavin and the mini gavin came with us to satco and we took pictures--the adventures of mini-gavin. i can't wait til next year. so much more fun to look forward to.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

mmmmm, crazy

its raining, with tornados.... in february! nothing came my way in good ol' mt. juliet. it went north, south and west. but around our lovely city. i cannot believe this crazy weather. why is it like this. it's weird too because warmth in winter's theme this weekend is "eye of the storm".
my aunt lives in bellvue and that's where some of the really bad stuff was. she's out of town so we were worried about her house and her dog. there was a house not too far from her that fell to the ground. :( and there's people out driving.... laaaaaaaaaaame.
oh, and i'm going to have a 5 day weekend! thursday we have parent/teacher conferences so no school. friday i'm not going to school to go set up for warmth. then its warmth in winter time! although i doubt it will feel like winter time. today i wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt... with no jacket! i know, i'm risky. haha. but seriously, it was like 73 degrees! in february!!!! gotta love it.


Sunday, February 03, 2008


i obviously shouldn't be a psychic. and i'm obviously not. i do have to say, though, that the giants did deserve to win this game. the patriots went out there like they didn't care. i wonder if there was some behind the scenes drama going on with them. but the giants were so energetic and played a great game. which is why they won superbowl number 42.

i'm calling it

the patriots are going to win. yeah its already the third quarter and they're ahead but some people still think the giants have a chance. one of my friends is going for the giants and i told her the patriots deserve to win. she says they are all egotistical and don't deserve to win. but they do. they are a good team even if they are big-headed. it doesn't matter what their personalities are like, they are a good team and got this far without a single loss. why lose now? they can win if tom brady steps up his game. the giants are a good team too (obviously) but they aren't the team that's had a perfect season. its funny how almost every american looks at the superbowl as a holiday-type thing. people actually cancel plans just to make sure they can watch the superbowl.