Monday, July 28, 2008


we have volleyball tryouts going on right now and they are three days long. well today i made first cut. we still have tomorrow and then they'll have second cut. the thing about today's cut is that only 5 people were cut. so that means everyone will really have to step it up tomorrow. we have about 30 people coming to tryouts tomorrow and will have anywhere from 16- 20 players. i'm staying pretty optimistic though. if i don't make tomorrow's cut then i have like a "fun list" of things i can do that i wouldn't be able to do if i played. either outcome, i'll be sure to be happy. :)

oh, and we got a new cat. he likes to attack our dogs though so we're still trying to decide if we're going to keep him.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

woo caving!

today i spent about four hours inside one of the south's best spelunking areas - raccoon mountain caverns. it wasn't easy i'll say that. but it was really fun and a time i wont forget. we shimmied and we slid, we crawled and we climbed. our guides were like super fast and it was a little challenging keeping up with them. i have been caving before and this was definitely harder. it was a little assuring though that one of our guides was a pretty buff guy and i figured if he could get through these small places then i wouldn't have a problem. certainly a fun trip and i know i'll be sore tomorrow. not sure if it's really something i'd do again. well at least not one that's four hours long!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

mission trip

right now i'm in mississippi on our senior high mission trip. we are doing hurricane relief, well i thought that's what we were doing. i havent really seen very much hurricane damage. even the house we are working on is just painting the exterior and replacing some old wood. i think in some way it was damaged by katrina whether it was on the inside or just a little somewhere else. it's still cool though. the lady whose house our group is working on is extremely grateful of what we're doing. we just have to finish about an hours worth of work there and we'll be done. we head home on sunday so until then we'll probably just do some fun stuff down here.



hermitage united methodist church, after nine months, finally has a new youth pastor. think about that, 9 months! i'm so angry that it took that long. anyway. his name is matt sands. he's been going to our church for, well i dont really know how long. he's been teaching our 9th and 10th grade sunday school since january. and our senior high mission trip is when he starts. which means he started 4 days ago. its really exciting that we finally have one but i still cant get over the fact that it took nine months!!!! way too long. and it isnt like we were doing things that postponed the search or anything. we had everything in place in time to have one back in march. oh well. i'm just glad we finally have someone.