Tuesday, August 05, 2008

best friend time

one of my best friends has spent practically her entire summer at vanderbilt doing an academic summer program they offer called pave, so i haven't really seen much of her this summer. she finished up with the program on friday so she and i spent the whole day together yesterday. we made a variety of fancy looking desserts including chocolate mousse and individual strawberry cheesecake. and another favorite i like to call homemade ice cream--all of which were very yummy. we didn't really have a reason to make any food at all really and we weren't even hungry. we just like making food. :)
especially when it's pretty and yummy!


summer sizzler!

a couple of days ago i got back from summer sizzler and it was so fun! there were so many people this year! it was a little tough to do some things and personally i think there were some organization problems. but how could there not be? this year all the behind the scenes stuff that beth morris usually did got put on the design team's shoulders. but everything still ran smoothly and the fun continued. at summer sizzler y.s.f. usually has two competitions: the girls vs boys challenge and the design team challenge. this year the design team challenge was between each individual member of the design team. it's been done in years past and it was eggs on heads. every dollar that got put in a specific member's bag equaled one egg they (including me) had to smash on their head. i had the most with 13 eggs. i didn't feel as messy though as the new ccym who competed in the girls vs boys challenge. the deal with that is if the girls raise more money per capita than the guys, then the guys become human pancakes and vise versa. what all goes in to a human pancake you ask? all of your essentials, flour, eggs, butter, syrup, chocolate syrup, and powdered sugar. this year neither the boys or the girls won, it was a tie! but girls will be girls. the girls of the ccym didn't want to become human pancakes so the boys got to pick three other girls that were there to represent the 3 ccym girls (i didn't think that was very fair). overall though i'm happy about how the event went this year. up next: hands and feet, a two day local mission retreat. can't wait!