Saturday, June 24, 2006


this past week at our church we had vacation bible school. the theme this year was fiesta!! the youth would do things after because it was only until noon. well on thursday we went to see nacho libre! i guess it was pretty funny but it wasn't all that great. i think the best part about it was that jack black was in it. last night i went to my first drive-in and i have to say that is something i dont plan on doing again. it may have been that the movie was just bad (the breakup) or it could have been that i was uncomfortable.

for my birthday my aunt gave me a gift card to target so i went on wed. after vbs and got 3 cd's for $14! they were all the old switchfoot cd's. it was the legend of chin, new way to be human, and learning to breath. i think they're all relatively good. its hard to believe that switchfoot has been around for 10 years. when their first cd came out, i was in first grade. 1997. they have plans for their next to be out before the end of the year. it will be their 6th. the beautiful letdown is their best cd though. good for now.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

switchfoot conerts, random trash, and no sleep

yesterday after the 30 hour famine, i went to a switchfoot concert! it was free so that made it even better AND i got like 4 things autographed by all the band members! it was so incredible.

before the concert at the 30 hur famine, we went to north nashville and picked up trash off the streets as our service project. it was so hard to do because most of us hadn't had any sleep and we, of course, hadn't eaten in like 24 hours so it was kind of hard to do. we found some of the most random trash when we were picking it up. actually the service project itself was random and unplanned.

the night of the famine cara, toria and i didn't sleep at all. well we may have dozed for like 20 minutes or so but for the most part we just stayed in the warm bathroom in the fellowship building on foam pads that our hand bells people use and talked. after everyone was around and our camp was cleaned up, we did yoga. it was pretty fun and it was cara's mom that taught it. we broke our fast by eating out at cracker barrel.
my entire weekend has been great and this week starts vbs so i now have something to do this week. i think it's safe to say that my summer has been close to great so far.

Friday, June 16, 2006

30 hour famine

so today we start our 30 hour famine. by we, i mean our youth group and we started at 7 this morning. we wont eat for 30 hours and we are raising money to send to darfur and zimbabwe.
tonight when everyone gets to the church, we will walk from our church to the fellowship building. after we get there we will build a "refugee camp" out of cardboard. that is where we will be sleeping. we arent going to have watches, cell phones, iPods, or even toothbrushes. i think it will be mucho fun. im really looking forword to it. we will break our fast by eating out tomorrow at a buffet. it will be great.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

fun day laying back

on tuesday night, cara and toria came over and we watched the ringer and It. they were both good. the ringer was very funny and It was just good all around. they spent the night and yesterday we all went to nashville shores. we didnt do much but just lay out. we only rode a few slides because the water was freezing! toria got the most unusual sunburn. its so random i cant even explain it. sarah left to go on a mission trip with cooks umc on sunday. it was so random. her boyfriends mom signed them both up to go about a week before they left to go. they went to a place in mississippi to help with hurricane relief. she calls every day and she says she is having a really good time. vacation bible school starts next week so im not sure if i'll be on much. today i am going with the youth group to go see cars. i have heard that it is really good and i am looking foward to seeing it. if it were friday we would go see NACHO LIBRE!!! i am determined that i am going to see that sometime within the next 2 weeks. it looks so funny!! ttfn

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!

for those of you who dont know, yesterday was my birthday!! i got an iPod and my learners permit. it was such a busy day. we sarted with my iPod then went to the dmv to get my permit. when i was taking the test, there were these two girls sitting in the waiting area and they were reading my questions and telling me the answers! i was already almost through and only had like 4 left but it was still so annoying!! after i got my permit, we went to cinco de mayo and since it was my b'day i got to wear a sombraro. after we ate at cinco, we went to target because my sister "forgot" to get me a gift. then we to the apple store in green hills and that took forever. when we finally got home, mi madre make me a cake then we went to longhorn for dinner. basically it was just a bunch of little things but it felt action packed. today i had to baby-sit a 14 month old baby and she was so fun to babysit. im pretty tired from everything but it was all great.