Thursday, June 26, 2008

my sister's a blogger

well not technically. but my mom and i set up a blog for her to keep family and friends updated on her situation. she's at basic training right now and will be for the next 18 weeks. she can't really post anything right now so for the time being my mom posts updates including conversions we have with her through letters and phone calls. you can check it out if you want at


Saturday, June 21, 2008

home from a great trip

today i got home from a mission trip in eleuthera, bahamas. we were down there with the bahamas methodist habitat. we were originally supposed to be home last night but of course our flight got all messed up. when we were on the island the plane that was taking us from there to ft. lauderdale was two hours behind. so we had to get our two other flights rescheduled. we had to spend the night in florida and catch our other two planes this morning and in order to do that we had to be up at 4:15am this morning. i'm surprised i'm still even awake.

so here are the highlights of each day we were down there
sunday: fly down to the island and unpack.

monday: first work day--jackhammer a tree stump out of the cement ground in a community center, get to know some of the local kids, go to the beach

tuesday: start putting up dura-rock (i have no idea how you're supposed to spell that. it's a more weather durable version of drywall), jackhammer a funny shaped outline on the floor for pluming, go to the beach, go to the local church for a bible study (it wasn't that exciting)

wednesday: lady with annoying voice from colorado, the other group that was down there with us, talking in amazement about the thunderstorm that was currently going on during quiet hours (she made me very frustrated), finish putting up some dura-rock in the community center and put in a ceiling, go to the beach, go back to the same church for youth group that night.

thursday: work half a day in the cottage the camp is building, go to governor's harbour and shop a little, buy some goombay punch, go to the beach.

friday: work a bit more at the cottage, go to the beach, visit the glass bridge, have a two hour flight delay, finally get to florida, sleep over in a hotel

saturday: wake up at 4:15am to catch our plane home.
and now here i am. actually today was a little bit more eventful. my family got a new washer and dryer today. a new pair was much needed. the one we have now is the same one my parents got when the got married. it's been a while. oh and wednesday was also a little bit more eventful. my sister shipped out to basic training camp in missouri for the army. she will be there for 19 weeks and it's going to be weird with her not around the house.

goodnight my friends,

Friday, June 13, 2008

el 13th de friday

happy friday the thirteenth! my friends and i have a tradition for every friday the 13th--watch scary movies. i'm sure we're not the only one's with this tradition though. we usually do it during the night and sleepover at someone's house but this time we have to do it during the day. we all have the act's tomorrow. they're going to be a little hard this time i believe because we haven't been in school for a couple of weeks. ah well, we can only do our best.

happy friday the 13th!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


today is my birthday! yay! i am currently at fresh, the tn youth annual conf. i ran for office but no win. oh well. the thing i can't say is that "oh there's always next year" because this is my last year. :( wow what a downer. but i'm fine with it. this is the second time i've been on a church trip on my birthday. last time i was at camp lookout and i was turning 14. today i'm seventeen! yeahhhh!
alrighty then.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

happy b-day...

to my sister! she's 19 today. and she is now in the military. yeah yeah i know i kind of already said that a while back but now it's for sure. she leaves for basic training in 2 weeks and will be there for 19 weeks! she'll be at a base in missouri, i forget the name. everyone is so happy for her. it'll be weird without her around for a while.


Monday, June 02, 2008


today is the first real day of summer vacation. we went and got report cards on saturday and yesterday was sunday and we never go to school on sundays. but today is a monday-a usual school day. but not this monday! yay for summer vacation!
[and my birthday is in 6 days. :)]