Monday, August 07, 2006

summer sizzler

this past weekend i went to summer sizzler!!! it was a blast and since it was a confrence event, hendersonville was there. we all got to see gavin and a few of the h'ville youth. jonathon n. was hanging out with his old youth from blakemore and west nashville. one thing i thought was really neat was that our speaker, jacob armstrong, graduated from mt. juliet in '98. i know a lot of people that graduated around that time and he did too. it was so random but i thought it was really cool. i had so much fun just hangin out with everyone and this year i was a small group leader with adam burgett. it was my first time being a small group leader and it was fun. the only bad thing is that it was sooo hot and humid. i strongly suggest to everyone to go next year. next up-jr., sr. high retreat! then the oh so famous warmth in winter. see every one there.

today is cara's birthday!!!! i didnt see her today to tell her but if you get the chance, tell her happy b-day!


gavin richardson said...

good times, catch up with you at the next big thing i suppose. love, g

St.Phransus said...

i'm so glad that you were a small group leader. emo is fabulous-o!!