Tuesday, January 09, 2007

what's been going on

so last week school started and i didnt have any friends in any of my classes. well i got changed out of physical science to go straight to chemistry. now sallie is in that class and cara is still in my first class so i guess having my two best friends in my classes makes up for no one else in the other two.

youth started back up sunday night and we're going back to the whole splitting up jr. high and sr. high. i must say thats the way to do it. we did it like that a while back when we had two youth ministers but then we had none so we were all together and now we have one with adult helpers. so i think it all works out.

we finally got around to taking down our christmas decorations. nobody wanted to do it so it was kind of something we just kept putting off longer and longer.
i cant believe it snowed today! i didnt even know it was supposed to so it was pretty exciting!

well i guess that pretty much sums up my week. hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!



St.Phransus said...

ahhhh yeah- bible study back in action!!! emo maz rocks!!

Johnathan "J2" said...

sometimes its good to be away from friends it makes you make new ones.