Friday, March 23, 2007

its about 45 minutes away

so the other day(wednesday); heres the story and it may be long but it's entertaining:

jonathon decided we were going to go to picket state park. well we left after we waited a while for MATT BELL to get there and we headed toward cookville. we got off at that exit and started heading down a road that was a little windy. we kept going and going for about 45 minutes and finally we came to a fork in the road. the directions from google didnt tell us which way to go but there was a small convenient store right there so jonathon went in to ask which way the state park was. when he came back out he said they said its about 45 minutes down the left side. so we went that way and about 25 minutes down that road matt started getting kinda car-sick. this road was soooooo windy. we never hit a straight part except for maybe once. we passed about 10 out-houses on this road too. well after 30 more minutes away, we had to stop to let matt out because we were afraid he was going to get sick. his face started turning a greenish shade. i didnt think that really happened to people when they're about to get sick but it really does. thats when we decided to stop for about 5 minutes and matt started to drive from there. no more sickness. right as we were about to start going again, we decided to stop and ask someone who had pulled over for directions. well she said it was about 45 minutes down that road. thats when we figured we should just head back home. we never found picket state park and i think we came to the conclusion that it doesnt exist. we think google just decided no body really goes on those back roads. well some people do. its kinda funny, on the way along that road we passed a lady walking along the road with an ax in her hand... not sure what she was doing. but all together i guess it was kinda fun. i mean, who doesnt want to spend 5 and half hours on the road with no destination?

that may be the highlight of my spring break... kinda sad, i know.



gavin richardson said...

kinda sad..

St.Phransus said...

hey!! don't knock the 45 minute neverending road trip gavo!! that was 'FUN TIMES' in the making!!