Monday, May 14, 2007

whats up

so recently (last week) my sister had to go to daytona to compete in the national JROTC drill competition. of course, my parents and i went with her. we were down there for 5 days and the last day we went to orlando to go to islands of adventure. it was so much fun! her team placed 4th once and 5th once and in the singles, someone placed 5th. considering there were 50+ schools there, 5th twice and 4th is pretty good. i think there were 3 schools there from tennessee and they were all from middle tn. the day before we left, it started to get crazy windy. it was so windy we literally had to hold on to something so the wind wouldnt blow us back. when we were in orlando, the weather was really nice. it was about 80 with a breeze so it felt great.

also, some of you may have heard about that consignment dress shop that burned down. if not, then a consignment dress shop burned down thursday night in hermitage almost to mt. juliet. the night it burned down, my sister had just gone there and gotten her prom dress. she had 2 there that she was selling and a bunch of girls had their dresses there getting them altered. all of it is gone now and the lady that owned it didnt have insurance. i dont know what she's planning to do about the dresses she lost or if she plans on trying to open another one but its so weird that my mom and sister were just there hours before it happened. we think it started because she had a tanning bed in there and that sparked something. it was so cramped in there because it was so small and was overstocked with dresses so once the fire was started, it wasnt likely it was going to be isolated.

on another note, in about a week our youth group is sponsoring a coffee house benefiting darfur, a region in sudan. we'll have a band-the psalters- and some snacks. come if you can-wednesday, may 23rd


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gavin richardson said...

tell sara congrats from me. looks like a busy time in florida