Monday, June 25, 2007

good month

my june has been extra busy starting with my birthday then right into fresh. (the evnet formally known as t.y.a.c.) along with annual conference. then our church had our vacation bible school. as soon as vbs was over a good size group left for our mission trip to john's island, sc. that is where i am now. this internet connection sucks so it might be the only post during the week. oh yeah and this is also my first post on my new..... macbook!!!! i got it for my bday. it's incredible! anyway, the houses we are working on here are in need of some major work. we are trying to get them up to code so the government cant take them away. the first house is a habitat home and we are drywalling and building a front and back porch. the other house has had some water and termite damage. the group working on that house has to pull out the ceiling and floor and replace it. im working on the habitat home so i dont really know a lot about the other home's condition. i'll post pictures on flickr and on here when i get a better connection. hope all is well with everyone else. more to come later.



the reverend mommy said...

I so enjoyed having y'all!
I was praying for you!

gavin richardson said...

cool pics.. guess we'll be hanging out some next week!