Monday, November 19, 2007

i'm angry

i'm not as angry as i am sad. the only hope of our youth group staying together after losing our youth pastor has been kicked out. any adult leaders that we had volunteering now have to be members of the church. well let me just say that we had about 5 that were not yet members. these people were just working for God to help us. they were all friends of jonathon that came to help out regularly and after he left, they stayed which showed a great deal how much they cared for us and about what they were doing. two of them had been with us for over a year and the others helped out when we went on trips. the pastors' reasoning for asking them to leave was that they needed to be members of the church to be leaders. technically, the rule applies to lay leaders, not the awesome people that are volunteering to hold us together.

also the "real" adults that help with the youth are putting together what they call a youth council. in my opinion it's not much of a youth council as much as it is an adult council. we have already been volunteered to sing a song in our children's christmas play in december. i can't speak for anyone but i'm pretty sure nobody wants to be forced to sing a song for a children's play. the worst part is that they are taking up youth group time to rehearse it. i don't know who they are expecting to be there because everyone's going to stop coming since the only reason some people were even still coming after jonathon left was because of tyler and mellow (two of the adults they asked to leave).

i have stated to the right people what i think about the whole situation and that is unusual for me. usually i just go along with whatever they hand us but i can't take it anymore. they people in charge of youth now say they asked the other adults to leave becasue it was best for our situation. BUT IT WASN'T!!!! making them leave because they weren't members of the church would just make our situation worse!!!

these are some of the awesome people who can't come back.


gavin richardson said...

that is not cool. sorry to hear of this emily. good thing you at least said your peace about the decisions.

emily said...

i know. it sucks.


John Meunier said...


I found your blog through Gavin's site.

I hear your concern about not "being forced" to sign for the pagent. Adults have a way of using youth and children as props.

What do you want your youth group to be about?

What do you need adults to do for you?

I only ask because my church is between youth ministers right now, and I'm curious about youth perspectives on such things.

emily said...

i don't know. i think we need someone who can lead us but at the same time lets us be involved as much as we can. with going on trips and such, we obviously can't plan a trip on our own but we need to have our input heard and considered rather than just having this whole trip planned that we know nothing about.... unless it's a mystery trip.
i want our youth group to be an open place for people to come and hang out but at the same time a place where we can grow spiritually and be serious while having fun. it's a weird way to put it but we've done it before. like one time we had a lesson about worrying and we wrote our worries on a sheet of toilet paper and flushed our worries. it was silly but it was serious....

hope this helps