Saturday, May 31, 2008


my cat died today. :*( my mom is really upset. he was her favorite. he sat in her lap every day. we didn't really have him that long, probably 5 years or so. i haven't seen her this upset in a while. i feel sad too but i didn't like him as much as she did. i can't go downstairs to comfort my mom because they (my parents) always have this thing they do when someone or a pet dies. they tell stories about them, my dad tries to be cheerful, my mom sits there and wipes her tears, then they pray. always. it's so sad. my mom took him to the vet yesterday and they did surgery on him today. then tonight the vet went in to check on him and found that he was dead. i think that's why my mom is extra sad, because she never got to hold him knowing that it would be the last time. :(


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