Sunday, November 16, 2008


i have heard so much about this book lately! it seems like everyone at my school is reading it. almost every single one of my friends have read it and they keep trying to talk me in to reading it. when i ask them what it's about they say vampires and my first reaction is, um... no thanks! but then they tell me it isn't just vampires but it's like more of a love story. i still don't think i would like it very much. now they're making a movie? i just think that since i have already made up my mind that i won't like it, if i tried to read it i just wouldn't enjoy it. i like to think that my reading level is higher than that of a book about a vampire love story. i'm not bashing the series, i haven't even read any of the books. i just don't think i'll like them and i think people should stop reading them just because it's the "trendy" thing to do. people who don't normally read for pleasure are reading them because everyone else is. that's just it: it's a trend.


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gavin richardson said...

the movie probably won't be very good for you either.