Thursday, December 11, 2008


i do like snow, so don't get me wrong.... but it is so inconvenient! we were supposed to have a choir concert tonight but of course it got postponed. but i had already paid for my dinner so there's money gone that i didn't have to spend. and i had to drive home during the worst part of it! scariest thing ever (not really, it wasn't too bad). tomorrow i was supposed to have a breakfast party in my first block and now that isn't going to happen. and seniors were going to get to leave early tomorrow because we donated a buttload of cans. but now that wont happen either. i was supposed to be hosting a bonfire on saturday night... but guess what? the ground will be too wet. and i had an offer to babysit saturday night that i had to turn down because of the bonfire. now that i find out that it's cancelled, she has already probably found someone else. of course all of these things will be rescheduled but i had already prepared myself for the excitement! guess i can suck it up though. and i won't even get to sleep in because our cleaning lady comes at 7 in the morning! boo snow (on this particular day)!


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