Saturday, March 21, 2009

fun days

i just got home from six flags over georgia with three of my friends (and my mommy :))and it was amazing! not nearly as amazing as last time though... there was no phone catching on goliath. :( it was still extremely fun. i waited in line for a really long time this time. i think it was the longest i've ever waited in a line for an amusement park ride before (two hours). i definitely suggest getting a flash pass if you ever plan on going on a saturday. or just go on a weekday. and it wasn't just that ride. the one i rode before that had an hour and a half wait. we wanted to ride the superman ride but it had a two and a half hour wait! we were sad. but we got over it. oh and yesterday we left in the morning so we could get down to atlanta relatively early and go shopping. we went to lenox square. it was really nice! they had some stores there that i had never even heard of. i liked it a lot though. we all got something and we let that represent our souvenir for the trip. overall it was a really fun trip! (except for a little bit of teenage girl drama).


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