Sunday, December 10, 2006

coffee house

last night, hendersonville first umc had a coffee house to benefit the homeless. to get in you brought either a clothing or cash donation. the music was great and even quinton parker preformed! he did a great job. jonas, jonathon's 5 yr. old, was crushing on johnathan jones' little sister, that was as entertaining as the music! i thought the whole thing was pulled together great.
now hermitage is doing one and i think we might make ours a benefit for darfur. we'll probably do it in march. if you dont know about darfur and the genocide, then i go to to get more information about it.
i've heard rumors about this "outdoor laser-tag" and i think i might be going to one next week. jonathon was tellin me that in like a week and a half, we might be going to one. guess we'll find out..

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