Sunday, December 03, 2006

some snow

yes! it finally snowed. i consider it snow anyways. i think that if you live in middle tennessee, then whatever went on friday morning was snow. im just surprised that it actually did anything with how warm it had been.
so today is jonathon norman's one year anniversary with being at hermitage. (<--random)
and also, one of my friends went to the preds game yesterday and when they got back to their car, it had been broken into! her mom's laptop and xm radio had been stolen. they had to call the police and file a report so just keep them in your prayers.
also finals are coming up so i dont know how much blogging time i'll have. so this might be all for a while! ttyl



gavin richardson said...

i never saw any snow. think you were dreaming

St.Phransus said...

i looked out and saw it,then i rubbed my eyes and it was gone and the sun was out... :(