Saturday, July 28, 2007

past few days

last night my parents and sister went up to indiana to help my cousin move back here. that means i had the house all to myself. my cousin's house up in indiana was one of the houses on the underground railroad. she says that sometmes her radio would just come on and rap music would be playing and she never listens to rap. she has a closet in her bedroom with another little door in it that when you open it, there's a tunnel that goes all the way down to the basement that the slaves would go in. i think its kinda cool. i also went to the simpsons movie last night and i must say it was the funniest movie i've seen all summer! it was so good. i highly recommend going to see it!
random event of the week: this past wednesday night at youth, linda locke led because jonathon was out of town. we watched a movie about umcor and then all went to sonic and let the church pay for each of us a drink. that's usually what a night with linda leading is like. a video and something free. another time she lead we all got treated by the church to baskin robins!
school starts for wilson county this wednesday!! im half excited as it's my first year as an upperclassman. but the other half is disappointed becuase this means practically no more free time. we finally get our yearbooks that day too!
summer sizzler is next weekend! im excited. it's my favorite conference event.


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gavin richardson said...

free food is always a fav for our group