Wednesday, July 18, 2007

youth 2007

heyyyy! this past sunday i got back from youth 2007 in greensboro, nc. we stayed at the sheraton hotel and it was right next to a 3 story mall! i went to that mall everyday... partially becuase that was practically the only place to get food. well it was fun other than just the mall. our worship feast area turned out great! there were so many people coming through everyday. we had a tight schedule to go by each day so there wasnt really that much free time unless you skipped the "splatshops" aka the workshops. we would get up each morning and go to morning devo. then get out to the convention center for the morning session. right after that would be mid-day prayers then lunch. we either would go to the splatshops or just have free time untill dinner and after dinner we'd go to night session. the night sessions lasted til about 1030 and we would go back for compline (the night-time devo). after that we could stay up as late as we wanted and that was usually about 1. each night we had a different band preform in addition to our house band-fusebox.


there's more pictures on my flickr

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gavin richardson said...

cool, you got pictures of the paintings on stage.