Saturday, August 25, 2007

ok im back

i just had to take a break from blogging for a while. also i was in a bad mood for like a week so i didnt want to blog while i was in a bad mood.

so i finally got a car! i have been waiting for this car for 2 months. i had been driving either the pickup or my dad's car. im so excited! i cant wait to drive it.

i dont remember if i've already said this but if anyone has comcast cable then watch channel 9 between 11:11am and 1:20pm and you will probably see me on there. (i currently do sports) my school's news station is the only high school news station broadcasted all across the state. so its pretty cool.

oh yeah, summer sizzler was a few weeks ago. it was fun but i had to eat some pretty nasty stuff (jello with vienna sausages, prok rines, kidney beans, and olives all in it. there may have been some other stuff too but i dont really wanna remember..) we got in a little trouble for doing some pranks. the pranks were funny but there was a little incident where something went wrong and we got in a lot of trouble. it was bad.

tonight i went to "5 quarter at the corner" it was good. i saw some people i hadnt seen in a few weeks and got a chance to hang out withmy friends i hadnt hung out with in a while. it was bad though because i went to get on the interstate to get there but got on the wrong one so we got really turned around. so then we decided we didnt have time to go to a real restraunt so we went to wendy's. well then we were going to go over to hhs to the football game buttttttt the football game was at station camp. so we just decided we would go hang out at the church for a while. so that was what we did. it was fun. oh and janie got paid to put on the bear costume. yeahhhh, it was hilarious!


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gavin richardson said...

a bear showed up at the concert. how cool is that! you don't get that everyday.