Tuesday, August 28, 2007


ok so i had a crazy hard chem two test today that i didn't study for. im pretty sure i failed. and this test was just a review test of chem one stuff! its bad. if i did this bad on the first test, i cant imagine how the rest of them are going to be. it took me the entire hour and a half to do it and i still didnt finish it. she said we could finish some of the problems tomorrow. i guess this means i will have to study hard for the tests. i've just been kinda stressed out about some stuff lately. im a member of 8 clubs. i really need extra curriculars concidering the only one i have is playing volleyball freshman year. speaking of volleyball, the hendersonville-mt. juliet game is thursday at mj. everyone should come watch! i know im going seeing that i know people from both sides. we also have our first football game friday against wilson central! not only is it our first game but its against our rivals. all the football games this friday seem to be against rivals. i guess that's enough rambling for now.
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