Thursday, April 17, 2008

i'm such a slacker

i remember back at the beginning of the year when i was leaving for school 30-35 minutes before 8:05-when the bell rings (my school is 15 min. away without traffic) -and doing all my homework before the day it was actually due and going to all my club meetings at school actually trying to get good grades. now i'm leaving like 20 minutes before 8:05, barely getting in there on time and missing a bunch of meetings and procrastinating most, okay all, of my homework. most of the time i finish in the class it's due in. i hate doing this. and being late at our school is a big deal like if you are walking in as the bell rings there are a bunch of our principals are in the halls and they write us up and if we are late more than 3 times we get i.s.s. ha, i was such a goody-good. now i'm a normal high schooler... what is normal? haha, just kidding! i'm really excited about being at a new school next year but at the same time sad. the school we're at now is soooo old! seriously. it has been through so much, tornadoes, fires, flooding. and it's still standing. our new school's gonna be freakin awesome though. i haven't actually been inside it but i've driven by and it's huge! next year school is going to start at 7:50! that's 15 minutes sooner than it currently does for those of you who can't figure out that i already told you what the current time we start at is. ha, just kidding. it's further from where i live than the one we're in now. it's going to be so hectic. the road it's on is like an inch wide so traffic is going to suck. i mean, it already does.
i do enjoy sweet tea.


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gavin richardson said...

senior-itis is already kicking in. slacker! haha! &:~)