Wednesday, April 09, 2008

switchfoot in nashville!

yeah yeah! they make a return to nashville. they will be at the wildhorse saloon on april 21st with third day and robert randolph. sounds pretty awesome right? yeah. i probably won't go. :( i'm too lazy. haha.

i took an act practice test and scored a fairly reasonable score. exciting.

i have been kind of wrapped up in thinking about and hearing other people talk about the issues with "phasing out" the tn conf. programming positions. i kept hoping it was like an april fools joke or something. although that's a bit outrageous. that would be a good joke though. speaking of april fool's jokes, these two guys i know (they used to help with my youth group before my church kicked them out) are movie producers and they started posting bulletins and blogs on myspace about how their company was getting sued for using "die hard" in a movie title and they didn't have permission to. well long story short, they didn't really get sued or even get threatened to get sued. it was an april fool's joke! it was really funny though. but some people got really mad and had contacted like their lawyer friends to help bail these two guys out. i still thought it was really funny.

i guess i should do something more useful with my time... like sleep.


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