Thursday, July 10, 2008


hermitage united methodist church, after nine months, finally has a new youth pastor. think about that, 9 months! i'm so angry that it took that long. anyway. his name is matt sands. he's been going to our church for, well i dont really know how long. he's been teaching our 9th and 10th grade sunday school since january. and our senior high mission trip is when he starts. which means he started 4 days ago. its really exciting that we finally have one but i still cant get over the fact that it took nine months!!!! way too long. and it isnt like we were doing things that postponed the search or anything. we had everything in place in time to have one back in march. oh well. i'm just glad we finally have someone.



gavin richardson said...

so does this mean you have nothing to complain about?

actually i'd be kinda worried. gin was someone hired who attended the church and worked with the youth in the same fashion. that didn't turn out well. i'd try to learn from that experience.

emily said...

yeah, i know. i thought about that. :/