Saturday, July 19, 2008

woo caving!

today i spent about four hours inside one of the south's best spelunking areas - raccoon mountain caverns. it wasn't easy i'll say that. but it was really fun and a time i wont forget. we shimmied and we slid, we crawled and we climbed. our guides were like super fast and it was a little challenging keeping up with them. i have been caving before and this was definitely harder. it was a little assuring though that one of our guides was a pretty buff guy and i figured if he could get through these small places then i wouldn't have a problem. certainly a fun trip and i know i'll be sore tomorrow. not sure if it's really something i'd do again. well at least not one that's four hours long!


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gavin richardson said...

been there a few times. it's a pretty good ride.