Friday, October 10, 2008

it's been a while

sorry i haven't blogged in so long! no excuse except that i was lazy. i have done a lot since the last post.

school started back and we are at our new building now. it's okay i guess but i liked the old school better. the new one is so open and there are so many new rules. instead of being able to wander around in the mornings, we are all in an area called "the commons" until 15 minutes before school starts. if we have a morning meeting we have to meet in the cafeteria, which is nicknamed the "food court." it is nothing like a food court by the way. having like 3 or 4 different clubs trying to meet in one room while there are also other students eating breakfast in there does not work very well.

i started working on my college application. i'm only applying to UTknox because i know that is where i want to go. i have considered other schools along side UT and looked around but UT really has everything i want. all that is left for me to do is my personal statement and i can send it in. i know that once i get my application in i will feel less stressed about it.

my mom and i went to visit my sister in early september. it was a really last-minute thing. she was supposed to graduate from basic training and would have an on-base pass so my mom had scheduled off time from work and booked a hotel and everything. then my sister hurt her foot. there's something going on with her tendon and it was really bothering her. i don't really know the whole issue. so she called and told us she wouldn't be graduating and probably wouldn't get to see us so my mom cancelled our hotel reservations and we made other plans. well the tuesday before the thursday she was supposed to graduate, sarah called and told us we would be able to see her and that she would have an all-day on-base pass. so that wednesday afternoon, my mom and i drove up to ft. leonard wood, missouri. we called the hotel and they still had rooms available. we got to see her all day thursday and some on friday. my dad couldn't go though and he was really sad about it. she'll get to come home for Christmas though! keep praying for sarah while she's doing what she's doing. she really needs it.

school work has been keeping me busy. i have a.p. calculus this year and my teacher had a baby the week before school started. so for the first seven weeks of an a.p. class we had a sub. we watched a lot of videos and talked mainly about limits. it was sad that most of the time we were correcting the teacher. one time she even gave us a multiple-choice worksheet that had a star by all the answers. it was a pretty easy worksheet.... haha.

we are on our two-week fall break now and i haven't done much. i've pretty much just been lounging around my house and hanging out with my friends. there was talk of my family going somewhere but we couldn't get our schedules worked out. i've still been having plenty of fun though....


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gavin richardson said...

two week fall break gives a lot of time to roll peoples yards. &:~D