Saturday, April 08, 2006

friday night.

so yesterday night was really bad for almost all the people in middle tennessee... not for us. i was in hermitage during most of the storming last night and it barely rained. it's really weird to think about how close the storm was and how if had noved only 2 miles south or 2 miles north it would have hit us instead of h'ville or lakewood. around 6 o'clock we left and headed out on our retreat. it was at penuel ridge retreat center in ashland city. it seems like the whole night all it did was a little bit of rain and even less lightning. we were suppost to go with the hendersonville first UMC people but all of them decided not to go.

the retreat was really great. it was a great time to just think and be by myself even though i was there with 8 other people. the weather never got really bad so i could walk on the hiking trails. i really liked being able to not have a planed time and just do whatever. i also liked hanging out with the other people from our church. it was a good time for silence and thinking time. i think everyone should do something like it at least once a year. yeah, it was that great.

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St.Phransus said...

i enjoyed it so much that i had another silent retreat this week!! i went to land between the lakes and stayed in a cabin for 24 hours and it was AMAZING!!!