Sunday, April 30, 2006

falling apart while being extra hyper.

so i'm almost sure that i have been extra random/hyper today. when i got to church around 230 i was just regular me but then i started getting random and shouting random things. it wasnt random to me but i'm sure to the people listing to me i was being pretty random. then when youth started, i was like a maniac with a frisbee. i think i almost whacked off jonathon's head with the frisbee. (not really or that would have been bad. the frisbee just almost hit him a few times.) then came the water fight. it was jonathon and michael. i think i will honestly say that i started it. i just really wanted to have a water fight. all i did was splash water on them but then they teamed up with brent and some ice ended up in my pockets and down my shirt. let me just say the out come was not good. it ended up with me wet and ice and water all over the floor. ok i wasnt that wet but we had fun.

i think i might be falling apart-- literally. i just got a manicure yesterday and already half my nails have chipped. i have this really cool braclet that i got for Christmas and 2 of the charms on it are broken. my watch that i got for Christmas has a slash in the band where it's rubbed against the hook and it's fixing to break in half. maybe i'm just rough with my stuff or maybe i just like to complain.


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St.Phransus said...

maybe you should get some duct tape for your fingernails so they don't chip off all the way.