Friday, April 14, 2006

HUMC seeks revenge

so today we (some youth of HUMC) went to hendersonville first UMC and did a little wraping.

it started with just a little furniture and a Y-guy but then somehow, all the furniture got involved, a ping-pong table and about 5 poles. it was alllll wrapped together with plastic wrap. lucky for us, gavin's office was unlocked and our Y-guy just happened to be hanging out in there. so of course we took him back. we tried to be "non-violent" so we didn't take their y-guy. right when we got there, jonathon was suppost to call me when thier youth room was clear of gavin. well we waited for about 10 or 20 minutes for that call while hiding out. when we thought we just missed the call we decided to just go up there. well, gavin was still in his office but thankfully, i heard gavin in his office before we started doing anything so we just went back outside. then we waited some more and finally got that call. we went in there and did what we went to do. we got in, got out, and did a little to gavin's car. (nothing to damage it) it's almost like we had perfect timing. when we were wainting at the red light to turn out on the main road, who else would be sitting there but jonathan! not our jonathon, but jonathan from the HFUMC youth. he looked out the window and saw us and we showed him that we got our Y-guy back and then we told him to check out his youth room. he then picked up his phone and looked like he was calling gavin. it was the perfect end.

now i think we might be signing a peace treaty to get all this to stop. who knows what's next! = )

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gavin richardson said...

i can't believe you are finally claiming responsibility for your actions!