Thursday, July 06, 2006

too much fun!

so today, my dad was like "emily, what are you doing today?" and i, of course, wasnt doing anything at all so he asked if i wanted to take a day trip up to fall creek falls. we did and we left around 11 and is was me, my dad, sarah, and alex. we got there around 2 after stopping for lunch and the first thing we did was take a hike out to the overlook of one of the falls. after getting back down from that, we went to the swimming area and we were over there for about and hour. it was so much fun and partially because it was totally random. i think we are planning to do another day trip on saturday, too. after that its off for beersheba!!!!


St.Phransus said...

oh my gosh- that is AWESOME!!! i LOVE fall creek falls.

gavin richardson said...

love the fall creek!!