Sunday, July 16, 2006

week of adventure

so this past week, i went to beersheba. it was a load of fun!! the first day was just checking in and chapel, first day stuff. the fun began tuesday. we went on a hike/swim at the fiery gizzard. strange name but fun stuff. then we came back and just hung around until dinner then we had a scavenger hunt.
the next day i went repelling. that was my first time repelling and it was just what i expected. that night we had kangaroo court which was just a bunch of silly things that the campers had been doing all week and their silly punishments. jonathon ended up being "charged" for something because he dropped off his youth then left and came back 2 days later.
on thursday a group of us went white water rafting on the ocoee and we had to be ready to go at 445 in the morning! it took like 2 and a half hours to get there but i think it was worth it. thursday night we just had regular chapel but we were suppost to do a faith walk. we just didnt have time.
friday was our last day and we didnt do anything except group picture and get our t-shirts. hermitage had to leave earlier than the rest of the churches so we didnt stay for chapel.
this week was a great experience and i wish we had had more than just 6 people from our church go. i am really looking forward to next year but it might overlap with youth 2007 if they dont change the dates.
the only thing i didnt like about the camp was that i came back sick. i got ovet that though.

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gavin richardson said...

punish that jonathon!! he's evil!!