Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the 4th

happy 4th of july!! we decided to go out on the lake and tube today and we weregoing to eat at a marina in h'ville. well... that didnt happen. we were out on the tubes and we hadnt gotten very far from the docks when the engine turned off. my dad figured out that the engine had overheated and fried itself. so we called some friends of ours to come out and tow us back in. they took like an hour to get there and it rained hard! all 6 of us had to squeeze into the little cabin on the boat. then finally they came out and we got back to the dock. we got the boat on the trailer then went out to eat. it was like 3:00 by now and i guess we got to the lake around 12ish. even though we didnt get to do what we wanted, it was all pretty fun.

on another note--im very exited about next week. its the murfreesboro district camp at beersheba!! i went last year for my first time and it was a blast. i cant wait to get there. the rest of july for me is pretty packed. i get back from beersheba then have to get ready for the mission trip to john's island, south carolina. after we get back from that, its time for school to start. then summer sizzler. it's all exiting and im looking forward to all of it.


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