Saturday, September 01, 2007


well first i have to say that we have a wicked amazing step team this year. they are soooo good! but... we lost our first football game to wilson central, our rivals. its pretty sad. every year when we play them they challenge us to a "spirit link" contest. the school who raises the most money wins. well at the game last night they announced who won and they said central raised like $700 and mj only raised around $400 but then about 30 seconds later they were like oh hold on the actual final count was central $700 mj $1100! so yeah, we won. that means we get a full dress down day. to anyone not in wilson (or davidson) county a full dress down day means absolutly nothing but if you're having to wear polo shirts everyday, a full dress down day is like the most amazing thing ever. so yeahhh.
peace everyone


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