Friday, October 26, 2007

2am, what?!

this week my school, mt. juliet high, was news channel 4's "cool school" of the week. we were on the morning news and had live feeds so everyone that wanted to participate had to be there by 4a.m.! it takes me 15 minutes to get to school and we had to be there early so i had to get up at 2:15!! i still can't believe i got up in the middle of the night to go to school. we were there from 4-7 having live feeds every 25 minutes or so. sometimes they just recorded so it was about every 10 minutes they made us act hyper and excited (not that we aren't already...). everybody that showed up went to the gym then it was like a massive pep-rally. we played really good music (soulja boy, cha-cha slide, old-school stuff, etc...) and they recorded the 1100 people that were there dancing on the gym floor. almost the entire school was there. i think they said we had 600 people from our student body that weren't there! also if we went we got to leave at 11:00. the only bad thing was that it was so early and nobody had eaten breakfast so there were 4 people that passed out including our mascot. they had to take her to the hospital. i felt so bad for her because she was supposed to sing live with our school's vocal ensemble. = (

here's a video of some things they recorded wednesday. the two teachers they show are teachers i have right now. one for trig. and one for chem. 2. there was some more footage they showed this morning that i was in but it didn't make it on the internet.


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