Monday, October 29, 2007

class of '09

i ordered my class ring today. my mom didn't think it was worth the money so i offered to pay for half of it. i'm really excited about getting it.

here's a picture of it. the top isn't really what it looks like in the image.
/Users/emilymastin/Desktop/Jostens Share My Ring Designer.webarchive

last night was our first sunday night without jonathon and i have to say it went pretty well. other than having such a small number of people, i think we will be having good nights at youth. we started out playing a 90's trivia game girls v.s. boys and the girls dominated! we knew the answer to every question including the ones the boys had. then we related that to how jonathon left in some broad way. we wrote letters to him that these two young adult helpers are putting in a scrapbook. it was good and i wish more people had been there.



gavin richardson said...

that's cool. heard today that jonathon got that non-violence counseling job.

emily said...

yep yep.