Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it's been a good two years

well it's has been almost two years. jonathon will no longer be the youth pastor at hermitage umc. actually he isn't even going to be a youth pastor. he is going to be like a counsellor for troubled teens. well that's how i understood it. i had a little trouble paying attnetion. i know that what he is doing is the right choice and i think hermitage is ready to get another youth pastor. he will be missed by a lot of the people in our church but hopfully we all understand that what he is doing is good. i know that i will miss him a lot!! i sound like i'm talking about him as if he died... haha. well i know i will still see him but i'm still going to miss having him around like all the time. but God has new plans for him.


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gavin richardson said...

a very good two years. &:~(