Friday, May 05, 2006

happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone!
last night i wanted mexican food and my dad was like well let's have it tomorrow. i said, but tomorrow is cinco de mayo. everyone is going to be eating at cinco de mayo on cinco de mayo. they will be packed at both locations.
i was right. i heard so many people today say that they were going to cinco de mayo tonight. its crazy. i like mexican food. so we had mexican last night and i still havent even eaten dinner tonight yet. i did have chips and salsa though.

my sister got back her pictures from the central prom today. they were really good exept for the ones with her boyfriend in it. he didnt smile good and his face was red in every picture. i like my allergy medicine. i really like it when i dont have any-- not really because then i have really bad allergies. like right now.

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St.Phransus said...

in honor of the festive day i ate italian!!