Tuesday, May 23, 2006

oh man!

yeah hoo! school is almost over! only 3 more days. yesterday my parents let me drive. i have never driven before so yesterday was my first time. i get my permit in like 2 weeks and so i guess now is an okay time to start practicing. well yesterday i drove around the neighborhood and i was doing really well the whole time but when we got home i pulled the car into the garage. well, halfway. when i had just started pulling the car in, i hit the side of the garage and knockd off the side-view mirror on my mom's car! i also broke off the little flappy thingy that seals the garage from the garage door. it was not good. my mom wasn't as agrivated i she could have been because she has knocked off both of her side-view mirrors before. it was kinda scary because i thoght i was going to get into a lot of trouble but i didnt and it's all good now. btw my birfday is in 16 days!!

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