Tuesday, May 16, 2006

time to get cought up

so i know i havn't blogged in a while but school has been so busy. today i took an end of course and last week i was doing gateway. lots of studying. this past saturday i got to go to the renaissance festival. it was so fun and a total surprise. i had told my mom that i wanted to go and she said she really didnt want to take me. so friday i asked her what we were doing saturday and she said she thought she would take me to the festival. so we went all day and it was great.

mother's day was a success for me. we went to church then to eat at hermitage steak house. after that, i took my mom hiking at long hunter state park. she really enjoyed that. my mom likes wildlife and we saw a bunch. we saw wild turkey, baby geese, deer, and of course squirrel.

there have been so many season finales on lately. i have to say that the best one was grey's anatomy. i have only seen one episode the whole season but i really got into it last night. it was three hours long and i thought it could have been a movie since it was longer than most movies. right now boston leagal season finale is on and that is such a funny show.

so yeah that pretty much wraps up my week... and last week.

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