Saturday, June 24, 2006


this past week at our church we had vacation bible school. the theme this year was fiesta!! the youth would do things after because it was only until noon. well on thursday we went to see nacho libre! i guess it was pretty funny but it wasn't all that great. i think the best part about it was that jack black was in it. last night i went to my first drive-in and i have to say that is something i dont plan on doing again. it may have been that the movie was just bad (the breakup) or it could have been that i was uncomfortable.

for my birthday my aunt gave me a gift card to target so i went on wed. after vbs and got 3 cd's for $14! they were all the old switchfoot cd's. it was the legend of chin, new way to be human, and learning to breath. i think they're all relatively good. its hard to believe that switchfoot has been around for 10 years. when their first cd came out, i was in first grade. 1997. they have plans for their next to be out before the end of the year. it will be their 6th. the beautiful letdown is their best cd though. good for now.

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anonymous said...

hey did you go to the sparta drive in?