Sunday, September 30, 2007

my mom and i went to the crafts fair today. we always go every year but we never buy anything. this year it seemed like everyone brought their dogs. they all had little dogs except for 4 or 5. i love dogs, especially little ones. so it was fun.
wilson county schools are now on fall break! this means two weeks of no school! im excited. we as a family aren't going anywhere so i decided to work the pumpkin patch. i think i'm working everyday over break except 4 days. we don't get the pumpkins until wednesday though. everyone come buy some!



gavin richardson said...

if you want to come and work our patch on your days off feel free to come by. &:~)

emily said...

haha, yeah right. but if you come to our pumpkin patch i will clean your car off. i imagine you have yet to do so...