Wednesday, September 05, 2007

way too busy

i have had so much stuff going on since school started back. have two honors classes gives me a lot of homework. it seems like everyday i have something going on. today is the first day in a while and for a while that i dont have any plans. im still planning for other things when i have free time.

random: sunday night my neighbors has a "pie-pong" tournament. they go to donelson christian acadamy so almost everyone there went there too. actually there were a few people from mt. juliet and i thought it was kind of suprising. anyways, the point of pie-pong is the exact same as ping-pong just... you ate pie before, during, or when you were done. it was really random and the actual game had nothing to do with pie. it was an entertaining night thought. a lot of people there had a nice sense of humor so i stayed amused.

oh yeah! i now have unlimeted texting to anyone in any network. it pretty much rocks!
oh and today is sallie's birthday.


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gavin richardson said...

pie pong.. that is interesting