Wednesday, September 12, 2007


yeah it's a lot but it's interesting i promise. = )

lots of stuff has been happening this past week. the exciting stuff started saturday at centerfest.
centerfest is a music festival that's outside in a big field. well i decided not to take my purse with me so i just held my car keys in my hand until i got to the blanket we were all sitting on. i had left them on the blanket until it was time to go. (the crowd wasnt all that bad. kinda small actually). well when i went to pick them up, i was making sure all the stuff was still on there because some of it falls off sometimes.... like it did then. my car key had fallen off. remember we are in a big field and its dark by now. so me and 3 other people start to look for it and we can't find it. so i call my dad to bring me the spare. he does and he brings my mom (and some flashlights) with him. so we all start looking for it. by now 2 complete strangers were helping us. i kept trying to tell my parents that we werent going to find it. and we never did. so we finally gave up and went home and i am now driving the car with the spare key so if i lose this one... well i will let you think up what will happen.

sunday i found out that my godparents are moving in to the house next to us! they used to live next door to us about 11 or 12 years ago but they moved and we moved. so now we will be next door neighbors again! its exciting.

also whats exciting is that my first block class sold the most magezines per person we get two parties, one from the school and one from our teacher. annnnddddd, i was the third highest seller in the entire school so i get $50!
today at school we had that dress down day for the spirit links. yep, basketball shorts and thsirt. i just wish we could go back to the times where we could where that to school everyday. tomorrow we don't have school becuase of parent teacher conferences.

i started my youth diciple class tonight. a few things i didnt know about the class is its a two hour class that doesnt get done til 8:30 and there is a cost for the book of $30. neither of these facts were mentioned to me about it. i probably still would have taken it but its just going to be a tough 34 weeks. my personal opinion is that the class could be cut down to a little over an hour. we watch a 10 minute video from the early 90's that just has this guy talking and i really don't think anyone pays attention to it. also we spend around 30 minutes saying prayer requests. that could be cut down, too. i think a faster way to do it would be to go around the circle but we just kinda popcorn it. i guess once we really start getting into discussions the 2 hours will be good but tonight just seemed really stretched out. oh, and the youth are combined with the adullts who are taking it. we have the youth book but the classes are together. i'm interested in hearing all the different ages' opinions on everything.

friday is a spirit day at school. everybody gets really in to our spirit days. we started doing a new thing at our pep rallies, the "mj shuffle". it's the cupid shuffle but we changed the name. also only juniors and seniors are allowed to come down to do it. so thats a plus. well since we dont have school tomorrow a bunch of people are going to our class president from last year's house to get stuff ready for the pep rally. we are making flags, shakers, and other loud stuff. we are kinda mad because we havent won the spirit stick yet and we deerve it. also our class president for this year resigned and our vp isnt willing to take his place. so we are in a bad situation..



gavin richardson said...

you could take the pres spot. why not. youth disciple sounds interesting. i started disciple 4 today.. it was actually pretty cool

emily said...

woah. deciple 4. that does sound exciting.